IT Staffing

We are highly specialized in finding the best talent with profiles of different levels of expertise in the Information Technology and Telecommunications sector, nationally and internationally.

We understand the
customer's need

We select the profiles

We validate profiles
with the clien

We establish service conditions

We select the ideal personnel for your work team, through specialized technical validations.

  • We are looking for candidates who fit the required profile

    Buscamos candidatos que se ajusten al perfil requerido
  • Interview general, technical, bilingual, competency-based, to the pre-selected candidates.

    Entrevista general, técnica, bilingües, por competencias a los candidatos pre-seleccionados
  • Tests specialized techniques according to the profile.

    Pruebas técnicas especializadas de acuerdo con el perfil.
  • We validate documents and disciplinary background check if required by the client.

    Validamos documentos y estudio de antecedentes disciplinarios si el cliente lo requiere.
  • We send and postulate pre-screened candidates to the client for analysis, evaluation and interview.

    Enviamos y postulamos candidatos pre-seleccionados al cliente para su análisis, evaluación y entrevista.

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